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Judge’s Citation

No Dictionary of a Living Tongue is formidable in its explorations of art, citizenship, and life as a body amid the social, political, and electronic networks that define us, hold us together, bind us. The poems here take many forms—prose, lyric, epigram, narrative, dialogue fragment, song, musical score, fairy tale, and dictionary entry.
An elegant use of sound couples with a keen and roving intelligence and a fierce commitment to social justice to create a unique and powerful collection of poems.
– Kazim Ali

Julie R. Enszer

“Amnesiac is more than Coleridge’s adage about poetry as “the best words in the best order.” Amnesiac is a gathering, visual, aural and written, of materials. Amnesiac is an assemblage of what has been forgotten. Amnesiac remembers. As forgetting endures, Amnesiac abides.”

Forest Hamer said:

“We’ve been waiting for this book. DRAG is an exciting and significant debut collection from a gifted artist. Duriel E. Harris composes various and rich traditions of music, voice, and text, and Drag demonstrates ever new possibilities for this synthesis in poetry.”