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Insightful, contemplative, and often emotionally wrenching, Harris’s poems reject the idea of blackness as a monolith and reflect its multifariousness. —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

In her third poetry collection, Duriel E. Harris asks how to devise an authentic self in the face of the brutal limitations imposed by colonial legacies defining American personhood. In response, through masterful timing, acrobatic voices, and embodied images, No Dictionary of a Living Tongue builds a hive of forms that powerfully agitates and disrupts gender and racial stereotypes. — Excerpt from Farah Marklevits on Duriel E. Harris.

The power and musicality of Duriel E. Harris’ poetry can strike an audience dumb. The violence in the words reveals real trauma she transforms into a transcendent experience for her readers and listeners. — Excerpt from No Forgetting by Kevin Bersett, Illinois State University News

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Poet, sound artist, and scholar, Duriel E. Harris is author of three print poetry collections including No Dictionary of a Living Tongue (2017), winner of the Nightboat Poetry Prize and finalist for the Publishing Triangle’s Audre Lorde Award. Current undertakings include the solo performance project Thingification, which has been featured at the Greenhouse Theater (Chicago), the Wild Project (NYC), and Babylon Cinema (Berlin). Recent writing is featured with Harriet Blog (The Poetry Foundation), the Academy of American Poets, and Letters to the Future: Black WOMEN/Radical WRITING (Kore Press 2018). The 2018 Offen Poet, Harris is an associate professor of English in the graduate creative writing program at Illinois State University and the Editor of Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora.